Merry Christmas 2020

Published 12/10/2020

The latest measures concerning COVID-19

To our valued customers and partners worldwide: Unprecedented circumstances require unprecedented measures. We are facing up to the challenge and responsibility posed by the Corona crisis and consider ourselves well prepared to be a flexible partner of your company. In the light of the stressful state of affairs currently we would like to let you.. read more

Published 03/23/2020

Haag + Zeissler wish you and your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas

Once more an eventful year draws to a close. With these Christmas greetings we would like to offer you our thanks for a pleasant cooperation and wish you a New Year filled with health, happiness and success. Like last year, we would like to take the sum of money that we have set aside for.. read more

Published 12/11/2019

Presentation of our new SJN swivel joint series

The SJN series is a ball bearing swivel joint for pivoting movements and low rotational speeds. The SJN series was developed in close collaboration with our customers from a wide range of industries, such as the plastics, environmental, wood, glass, metal and food industry. The aims of the development were economic aspects combined with a.. read more

Published 11/11/2019

Rotary joints for Plastics Industry

With regard to the necessary saving of weight in electric vehicles, the automotive industry wants to increase the present plastic content by around 25 %. Metal-based materials for structural parts and sub-assemblies are also to be replaced by fibre-reinforced plastics in the future. The machines and manufacturing processes required for this are subject to constant.. read more

Published 10/01/2019

New product overview – Rotary joints and swivel joints

To mark the 40th anniversary of our founding we have revised our product overview for you and made it even clearer in our new design. At Haag+Zeissler we constantly invest in the improvement of our products and the expansion of our range, whilst always focusing on the state of development of technology on the market… read more

Published 07/25/2019

We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of our company

Haag + Zeissler Maschinenelemente GmbH will be 40 years old on 1 July 2019. To mark this occasion, we would like to offer you, our customers, and naturally all of our partners our heartfelt thanks for the many years of loyalty and good cooperation. What began in 1979 in Hanau as purely a dealership for.. read more

Published 04/12/2019

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new agency for Holland to you

HETHON NEDERLAND BV – Vlijtstraat 47 – 7005 BN Doetinchem – Phone:+31 742500555 – – For 40 years, our partner company Hethon has been a specialist for bulk material dosing and pump technology in the Netherlands. In addition to the high-tech pumps, Hethon now also offers our rotary joints and swivel joints for.. read more

Published 09/19/2018

Supplementary to the 12-page brochure already presented for the 7400 and 7450 series, HAAG + ZEISSLER now presents the 4-page brochure for the 7400 series in the ¾” size.

The 7400 series has been extended by the size ¾”. This version is optimised for high pressure with a high throughput and high speeds of rotation. In addition to detailed information on the design, the brochure also contains the operating conditions and illustrations of the series, including the dimensions. The brochure has been supplemented by.. read more

Published 06/04/2018

HAAG + ZEISSLER presents two new, innovative monitoring products in the new 2-page information brochure.

Digitalisation is changing the face of machine manufacturing together with industry. As translators, the Guard-Tech 4.0 and Sensorlager 4.0 products represent the link between industrial processes and the company’s IT, supplementary to the rotary joint. Guard-Tech 4.0 is used for the preventive maintenance of the drainage line of the rotary joint. Sensorlager 4.0 enables the.. read more

Published 05/18/2018


We exhibit at Achema in Frankfurt from 11. – 15 June 2018 Visit us in Hall 9.0 , Stand D34

Published 04/30/2018

Rotary joints for the tyre industry

Rotary joints are required for feeding media (water, steam, thermal oil, air, etc.) into rotating drums, shafts or spindles. The cooling and heating rollers of many types of machine used in the rubber processing industry are fed with these media in order to ensure the necessary process temperature of the drums. Rotary joints are found.. read more

Published 02/22/2017

New brochure – Rotary joint series 7400 / 7450 for high pressure

The 7400 and 7450 series are presented in the new 12-page brochure from HAAG + ZEISSLER. In addition to detailed information on the design, it also contains the operating conditions and illustrations of the two series, including the dimensions. The rotary joints from the 7400 and 7450 series are suitable for high-pressure applications. These rotary.. read more

Published 11/14/2016

K 2016 in Düsseldorf

Even more visitors than at the previous K three years ago, grown internationality and many positive contacts. With this positive result, the leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry came to an end for us. We would like to thank all visitors to our trade fair booth and are looking forward to be.. read more

Published 10/27/2016

Rotary joints series 7950 for extruder construction

The slender rotary joints from the HAAG + ZEISSLER 7900 series have proven themselves over a period of many years. At the request of our customers with the 7950 series a compact rotary joint has now been designed especially for cramped mounting spaces in extruder construction. Extruders are screw presses that homogenise solid to viscous.. read more

Published 10/17/2016

K 2016

From 19 to 26 October 2016 the plastics and rubber industry will meet at the K 2016 in Düsseldorf. Visit us at our booth there. You will find us in Hall 10, Booth J64.

Published 09/05/2016

Rotary joints in brewing technology

Until the Middle Ages, magical herbs and cult objects were laid around the wort copper to prevent the brewing process going wrong. The last so-called brew witch was burnt at the stake in Germany in 1591. She was made responsible for the brewer’s beer going bad. The types of beer that could be brewed depended.. read more

Published 05/19/2016

Rotary joints for the food industry

The production of foodstuffs requires temperature control that is as exact as possible. It is here that we encounter the rotary joint machine element. Rotary joints are used for passing on media to rotating drums, tumblers, shafts or spindles. The cooling and heating rollers or the shafts of many types of machines used in the.. read more

Published 02/29/2016

New brochure – series 7900 rotary joints from HAAG + ZEISSLER

The tried and tested rotary joints from the series 7900 by HAAG + ZEISSLER are now presented in a newly published 12-page brochure, which contains general information on the functional principle as well as operating conditions and illustrations, including the dimensions of the individual types. The rotary joints from the series 7900 enable water to.. read more

Published 01/20/2016

Rotary joints for the wood and furniture industry

Rotary joints are required for feeding media (water, steam, thermal oil, air, etc.) into rotating shafts, rollers or spindles. They are usually positioned at the end of the rotating machine component and form the interface to the stationary pipelines. The cooling and heating rollers of many types of machine used in the woodworking industry are.. read more

Published 11/05/2015

New brochure HAAG + ZEISSLER Multiport joint

In the new 60 – page brochure from HAAG + ZEISSLER multiport joints are presented. These rotary joints manufactured in modular segment design can be used for the supply and removal of media in 2 to 11 channels. Multiport joints are used mainly for the supply of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Moreover, they can be.. read more

Published 09/10/2015

ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt am Main

We would like to thank the numerous visitors to our trade fair booth. Your interest in our products has shown us once again that we are on the right road with our developments in the field of rotary joints and swivel joints. Once again we were able to show you our innovative solutions for the.. read more

Published 07/02/2015

Multiport rotary joint with electrical signal transmission

Rotary joints generally seal the passage of gases or fluids between two counter-rotating bodies. HAAG + ZEISSLER offer the new MRF multiport rotary joint for cases where electrical signals are to be transmitted at the same time, for example for the control of valves or the measurement of temperature. Thanks to its modular segmental construction.. read more

Published 06/16/2015


We exhibit at Achema in Frankfurt from 15. – 19 June 2015 Visit us in Hall 4.0 , Stand H3

Published 03/31/2015

New brochure – HAAG + ZEISSLER rotary joints

The rotary joints from the series 7001 with their wide range of applications are presented in the new 32-page brochure from HAAG + ZEISSLER. Vibrations in plants and machines have a harmful effect on the accuracy of the product being manufactured. The most frequent causes of vibrations are unbalanced rotating components and oscillations of external.. read more

Published 01/15/2015

Rotary joints – light and precise

The most frequent causes of vibrations in plants and machines are unbalanced rotating components and oscillations of external pipelines. Vibrations have a harmful effect on the accuracy of the workpiece or product being manufactured. If the vibrations become too strong this can cause damage to the plant, which usually leads to a further increase in.. read more

Published 09/29/2014

Torsion damage to hoses – swivel joints offer protection

Swivel joints are used wherever media pipes have to be moved. Articulated constructions with three swivel joints are used if linear displacements are necessary. If continuous rotary movements have to be realised, e.g. in round clarifiers, a swivel joints is arranged in the centre that connects the stationary pipe with the rotating scraper bar. In.. read more

Published 07/17/2014

Rotary joint – simply good

HAAG + ZEISSLER rotary joints are made individually for the customer and are still available at short notice, in most cases even immediately. How does that work? This is made possible and affordable by the 9001 series. It is a construction of consistent modular design with standardised elements stocked by HAAG + ZEISSLER – also.. read more

Published 05/28/2014

Rotary joints for pneumatic applications

HAAG + ZEISSLER Maschinenelemente GmbH presents a new series for pneumatic use. These rotary joints enable valve controllers or cylinders on rotating machine parts to be supplied with compressed air or vacuum. Applications for this type of rotary joint are to be found, for example, in turntables, transfer machines or automatic assembly machines. The standard.. read more

Published 03/18/2014

New brochure – HAAG + ZEISSLER Rotary joints

The rotary joints from the series 9001 with their wide range of applications are presented in the new 70-page brochure from HAAG + ZEISSLER. The series is built in a range of variants for many years and can be used universally. The unit construction system of the series 9001 makes it possible to HAAG +.. read more

Published 02/14/2014

Unit construction system for Rotary joints

At K 2013 fair HAAG + ZEISSLER presents ROTRAY JOINTS in new design with modular system. Combined with the cartridge sealing system – CD-Cartridge-Design – rotary joints are offered, whose clever system with a bellows makes stock keeping and maintenance easier and operating cost goes down. The design is free of springs or o-rings and.. read more

Published 07/31/2013