Product groups

Rotary Joints, Multiport Joints and Swivel Joints


Rotary Joints and Swivel Joints are for conveying liquids or gases into or out of rotating or swivelling assemblies of machines or installations.


Fields of use

  • cooling rollers
  • heating rollers
  • feeding of heating medium into drying devices
  • cleaning equipment
  • supply of actuators on rotating portals
  • cooling of furnace rollers
  • calenders and extruders
  • feeding of media to heated or cooled mixers,
  • kneading machines, cookers, grinders, pelletisers,
  • screw conveyors, etc.
  • moving pipelines


  • water
  • steam
  • air
  • heat transfer oils
  • hydraulic oils
  • non-toxic gases
  • and many more

Use / constructive possibilities

Swivel Joints are used for the transport of liquids or gases in cases where the pipelines execute swivelling movements or slow rotary movements at the same time.

Fields of use

  • swivelling pipelines
  • clarifier scrapers
  • mobile installation components

Designs / connections

Haag + Zeissler Swivel Joints are available in eight basic designs in the construction kit system, with freely selectable connection components such as flanges, welding ends, female and male threads.

Construction / function