The company HAAG + ZEISSLER

The company HAAG + ZEISSLER

For over 40 years we have been your skilled partner for rotary joints and swivel joints.

Top quality made in Germany

Our success story began in 1979 as a simple commercial business for rotary joints. Over the years the business developed into one of the best known and most innovative manufacturers of rotary joints and swivel joints.

40 years of trust

Quality, safety, experience, professionalism and customer satisfaction. These are the characteristics by which our customers have judged us every day for over 40 years. We aim for

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Fault rate 0
  • Best possible service

Become convinced!

High quality, fast and individual

With our 24 standard ranges we cover about 95% of the market’s usual operating conditions.

Our rotary joints and swivel joints are suitable for cold and hot water, steam, heat transfer oil, hydraulic oil, compressed air, various gases, cooling lubricants, vacuum and many more media. Temperatures up to 350 °C, pressures up to 420 bar and rotation speeds up to 40000 rpm can be dealt with. Our joints are available from DN 3 up to DN 800.

Should our 24 standard design ranges at some point not meet your operating conditions, you have found in us a competent partner for producing the special solution for your specific and individual needs.

Warehouse logistics and 24h service

Thanks to the sophisticated logistics, the modular design of our joints and our warehouse with over 10,000 products, we are capable of assembling and supplying your rotary joint in just a few hours. It usually takes only 1 to 3 days for the finished product to be delivered to you.

High-tech manufacturing

We have decades of experience in the area of conveying media into moving machine parts. With up-to-date CAD development and simulation tools, in addition to centres for processing and production with advanced manufacturing methods, our highly qualified staff will make your rotary joint or swivel joint – on site in the region, naturally.

Technical school

Modern measurement technology in our technical school that has developed over the years enables testing, analysis and further development of your rotary joints. That is exploration at the highest level.