Plastic granulate

When melting and shaping plastics, the precise and reproducible control of temperature, for example in extruders and calenders as well as coating and processing machines, is of particular importance for the quality of the end product. A heating medium (hot water, steam or heat transfer oil) flows through the machines’ rotating screws and rollers. Rotary joints are required as the link for feeding and sealing between stationary piping systems and the rotating machine elements – usually screws and rollers. HAAG + ZEISSLER has been supplying suitable rotary joints with long service lives for the entire process of manufacturing plastic products for over 40 years.


In a similar way to cooking and baking at home, the temperature is particularly important in the production of foodstuffs. The work must be reproducible and precise. The process temperature must neither be too low nor too high. Proteins and yeasts can be destroyed if the temperature is too high. Health risks for the consumer could result if the temperature is too low. Rotary joints are required in the food industry, for example, to supply heating media to mixers and rotary cookers. Beer, chocolate, cheese, marmalades, fruit yoghurts and many other foodstuffs are manufactured with HAAG + ZEISSLER rotary joints.

Paper roller

In the manufacture of paper, the rotating roller for drying the paper web and the drying cylinders is heated to the required temperature with steam. The steam condenses on the inner wall of the roller, giving off its thermal energy to the paper web in the process. With a two-way rotary joint, the steam is fed from the stationary piping system into the roller and the condensate is fed out again through the internal pipe – the syphon tube. Paper machines are at their most effective when they operate continuously without downtimes. In the ideal case, the plants are only switched off once a year and serviced. The reliability of all components is therefore crucial. Rotary joints from HAAG + ZEISSLER are in operation here, too.

Wind farm

Wind turbines now make a considerable contribution to our energy supply. They often have to be switched off because of a lack of large storage devices for electrical energy. The wind turbines also have to be brought to a standstill in case of storm in order to avoid damage. This can be accomplished by the hydraulic adjustment of the angle of the rotor blades. Because the rotor blades rotate, the pressurised hydraulic fluid required for the adjustment must be brought to the rotor hub. This necessitates a multiport rotary joint that operates reliably and has a long service life. HAAG + ZEISSLER supplies multiport rotary joints for hydraulic and pneumatic tasks in many standardised variants and customer-specific versions.

The HAAG + ZEISSLER philosophy:

High quality

We regard ourselves as a manufacturer of high-grade, first-class products. Our rotary joints and swivel joints are manufactured for you on site with the latest CNC machines.


Our storage capacity with over 10,000 individual parts in stock speaks for itself and sets us apart from our competitors. In the normal case we reliably dispatch parts within 24 hours if they are in stock.


Individual adjustments to our products are not a problem for us, but rather a challenge that we have mastered for over 35 years day by day. Just ask us.

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