Rotary joints for Plastics Industry

With regard to the necessary saving of weight in electric vehicles, the automotive industry wants to increase the present plastic content by around 25 %. Metal-based materials for structural parts and sub-assemblies are also to be replaced by fibre-reinforced plastics in the future. The machines and manufacturing processes required for this are subject to constant further development.

A decisive factor, and perhaps the most important factor of all in the melting and forming of plastics, is the control of the temperature in extruders and calenders. The rotating screws or rollers are supplied with a heating medium (water, oil or steam). Rotary joints are required here to supply the media and to seal the machine elements.

The rotating screws and rollers of many types of machine in the plastics industry are fed with heating or cooling media in order to guarantee the necessary process temperature. HAAG + ZEISSLER offers suitable rotary joints for the entire process of manufacturing plastic components. These are usually positioned at the end of the rotating machine components and form the interface to the stationary pipelines.

At the heart of every rotary joint is the rotary seal. Their reliability and long life span are crucial for the machine operators. The 9001 series operates with a rotary bellows. Its extremely hard running surface describes a micro-meandering movement with every revolution. This has a relapping effect on the sealing pairing, which lasts longer as a result. Unplanned downtimes are avoided. The tried-and-tested bellows constructions from HAAG + ZEISSLER therefore more than pay off for the user. Production standstills cost a multiple of the price of a rotary joint, because in addition to the personnel and machine repair costs, the restarting of the machine affected usually also produces scrap. In case of extreme loads, the higher procurement costs of a bellows seal pay for themselves within a few weeks of operation.

The sealing pairing is combined with the bearing elements in a sealing cartridge. The module can be exchanged with little effort and can also be refurbished. The cartridge system plays to its strengths in continuously operating production plants where long service lives and short maintenance times are important.

HAAG + ZEISSLER consistently manufactures the 9001 series only in Germany. The rotary joints – made in Germany – are developed in the factory in Hanau with the goal of individually optimising the product for the complex requirements of the machine user.