Rotary joint – simply good

HAAG + ZEISSLER rotary joints are made individually for the customer and are still available at short notice, in most cases even immediately. How does that work?

This is made possible and affordable by the 9001 series. It is a construction of consistent modular design with standardised elements stocked by HAAG + ZEISSLER – also in stainless steel.

The series does without elastomers and springs thanks to the use of bellows. Six components are sufficient – that is simple and at the same time good.

Whether a two-way rotary joint with ASA flanges is required in a steelworks for a press, or whether a stainless steel rotary joint with a rotor flange and diamond coating is required in a dairy for preparing the fruit mixture – the rotary joint is available in sizes from ¼“ to 4“ within a few hours – even in stainless steel.