New brochure – Rotary joint series 7400 / 7450 for high pressure

The 7400 and 7450 series are presented in the new 12-page brochure from HAAG + ZEISSLER. In addition to detailed information on the design, it also contains the operating conditions and illustrations of the two series, including the dimensions.

The rotary joints from the 7400 and 7450 series are suitable for high-pressure applications. These rotary joints are therefore used amongst other things in printing machines and coilers or in the food industry.

The stainless steel version, 7400 series, is equipped with a tungsten carbide mechanical seal. It is used in high pressure applications where high rotational speeds of up to 1500 rpm are additionally used. The 7450 series with aluminium housing, stainless steel rotor and PTFE compound seal is designed for lower rotational speeds, but in exchange can withstand pressures up to 250 bar.

The new brochure for the series 7400 / 7450 can be downloaded from the company’s website under Online Catalogue or ordered by telephone or e-mail.