Presentation of our new SJN swivel joint series

The SJN series is a ball bearing swivel joint for pivoting movements and low rotational speeds.

The SJN series was developed in close collaboration with our customers from a wide range of industries, such as the plastics, environmental, wood, glass, metal and food industry.

The aims of the development were economic aspects combined with a simple design for the medium pressure segment.

We made it our task, alongside all the economic savings, to develop a product that meets our high-quality standards.

We have managed to achieve this for you with our SJN series.

The SJN series shows off its benefits in continuously operating production plants where long service lives and short inspection times are important.The SJN series can play out its strengths here.The simple and yet sophisticated design of this series accounts for a time saving of 30 % compared to conventional joints in case of an inspection.This saves the operator hard cash.With shorter inspection times, the machine is simply more economic and better able to establish itself in the market.

We are providing you with our data sheet for the SJN series, with all the dimensions and operating conditions, to download here on our website from the online catalogue area.

We have been developing swivel joints and rotary joints for over 40 years with the aim of optimising the product for the plant operator and machine manufacturer.

We keep more than 2000 different rotary joints and swivel joints in stock for our customers in the sizes ¼” to 500 mm.These can be delivered to the customer’s factory within hours.Long delivery times are something of a rarity for us in Hanau.