Supplementary to the 12-page brochure already presented for the 7400 and 7450 series, HAAG + ZEISSLER now presents the 4-page brochure for the 7400 series in the ¾” size.

The 7400 series has been extended by the size ¾”. This version is optimised for high pressure with a high throughput and high speeds of rotation. In addition to detailed information on the design, the brochure also contains the operating conditions and illustrations of the series, including the dimensions. The brochure has been supplemented by a pressure/rotary speed diagram as well as data for the torque, taking into account different operating pressures.

The rotary joints from the 7400 series are suitable for high-pressure applications. These rotary joints are therefore used amongst other things in printing machines and coilers or in the food industry.

The stainless-steel version of the 7400 series, size ¾”, is equipped with a tungsten carbide mechanical seal. It is used in high pressure applications where high rotational speeds of up to 1000 rpm are additionally used.

The ¾” size of the 7400 series will be presented to the public for the first time at the Achema2018 trade fair. You will find us there from 11/06 to 15/06/2018 in Hall 9.0, Booth D34.

We look forward to your visit.

The new brochure for the series 7400 can be downloaded from the company’s website under Online Catalogue or ordered by telephone or e-mail.